Email Groups

Email Groups

Neighborhood Church Lists

  • NBRHD mailing list
    This listserv is utilized by members and friends of Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena, California for informal conversations and resource sharing.
  • NC-NUUS mailing list
    This church-moderated group is restricted to members and pledging friends of Neighborhood Church and will function in a similar manner to the Neighborhood News except that individuals will be able to post information that has missed the newsletter deadline, or more lengthy information than might be possible in the newsletter.

Other Lists of Interest

  • UUA Sponsored electronic mailing lists
    Get the low down on over 170 mailing lists sponsored by the UUA. There is one for our district announcements PSWD-L, and many for varying interests related to Unitarian Universalism such as social action, gay/les/bi/transgendered, CUUPS... The list seems endless for the many possibillities of living out our faith. Directions for subscription and unsubscription and posting is also listed at this site.

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